MX5 Turbo Packages

We have three stages of Turbo setups - using different sized Subaru TD

series turbos

All Turbo packages include:

  • Megasquirt ECU, 440-650cc injectors (depending on which stage)

  • Steampipe Turbo Manifold (5 year crack-free guarantee)

  • Exedy Heavy Duty Clutch,  Drive shaft loop - Installed

  • Intercooler kit, - all turbo lines and watercooling lines

  • Custom oil drain and modification to factory sump

  • High and Low Boost Switch on Dash - connected to electronic boost solenoid

  • Highflow Downpipe at 2.5" Diameter

  • New Air filter, Oil Filter and Oil change

  • Full installation and dynotuning


This is our most common kit and is most commonly used on the 89-93 1600 MX5.
It uses a steampipe log manifold with the TD04L Turbo. This turbo gives excellent spoolup and on average 220-225hp at the wheels on 15psi, which makes the MX5 very fast and fun to drive. With almost zero lag and very reliable on the stock driveline.



Uses a TD05-16g Turbo on a steampipe log manifold. This is most commonly used on the 94-05  1800 engine. Expect around 250-260hp at the wheels on 15psi. This is also the reliability limit of the stock engine and gearbox.This will make the MX5 a VERY fast car and capable of embarrassing some expensive machinery at the track.



For this stage we use the bigger TD05-20g Turbo and run 20psi. We HIGHLY recommend running the 6 speed box and also having a set of forged rods and triple metal layer headgasket at a minimum in order to ensure reliability. This uses a steampipe tuned length merge manifold,  larger intercooler and the AEM Water/Methanol injection kit. Expect on average 300hp at the wheels on 20psi -  with more available with higher boost.

This makes the MX5 a complete insane bit of kit - and don't expect too many cars short of Ferrari / Mclaren / Lamborghini Hypercars to be able to keep up with you. We do recommend running semi-slick tyres, either Toyo R888 or Nitto NT-01's in order to have a semblence on traction and also the Wilwood Big Brake package. A good set of suspension such as BC Golds is also recommended.


Stage 1  Standard package  $6700
Stage 2  Standard package  $6900
Stage 3  Standard Package  $8400

Note:  The late-model VVT engines require a coil upgrade - as the stock coils are insufficient for turbo setups

           So incur an additional $350 surcharge

           We can also offer a LS2- Yukon coil per cylinder upgrade to all packages for $775 and is the ultimate in ignition systems

We can also offer additional extras such as:
Launch Control (Great for shooting flames out the exhaust), Flatshift, Traction control,   Bluetooth modules,  Tablet dashes using the excellent SHADOWDASH program  (google it). We can supply and fit Wilwood Brakes kits,  BC Gold or Tein Suspension.

Fully Forged Engines are available for $8000 - on exchange basis for standard engine.
These include  - Fully balanced, reconditioned engine using - Molnar Forged Rods, Wiseco Pistons, Cometic Headgasket and a lightly ported head with recut valves.

All engines are  compression and leakdown tested and guaranteed a 0% leakdown rating.

We are currently undergoing a Lexus V8 Fitment package for the 89-05 MX5, using either the early dual distributor or later VVTi engine. Either partial packages available or full drive in - drive out packages.

Watch this space for more information, dynosheets and build pics.