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Whether it's a high revving naturally aspirated build, a street Supercharger setup or a 450hp Turbo monster we can handle it all.


We offer full DIY supercharger kits, full drive in-drive out (wheelspin out) supercharger and turbo kits and can also supply partial kits if you want to do alot of the work yourself.

Direct fit fuel injectors for the MX5 from 440cc injectors up to 1000cc injectors from $400 a set.

We can also clean , flowtest and rekit your factory injectors for $25 per injector.

Other services we supply are  MX5 Specific Driveshaft hoops - these are $175 supplied or $300 installed - and fit directly to the MX5 Powerplant frame.

These are mandatory in order to pass LVV certification and are included in our drive in, drive out packages.

Suppliers of both Wire-in Megasquirt ECU's and Plug and plays for the 89-93 B6 1600 MX5


Wire in Megasquirt ECU's from $975  and Plug and Plays for $1200
All prices include GST and shipping


MX5 Performance Enhancement Specialists

Naturally Aspirated Setups

We can supply the excellent Technotoy Tuning Individual Throttlebody Manifolds to suit both the 1600 and 1800 MX5 - along with the Toyota 20v ITB's to suit .  Enquire for pricing.

We also supply Adjustable Cam gears in order to optimise the powerband of your setup.

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