Currently we are jigged up for the 89-93 1600 MX5 using the venerable

R53 Supercharger

For a DIY kit which includes:


  • Plug and Play Megasquirt ECU

  • 320cc injectors

  • R53 Supercharger (used but checked)

  • Tensioners

  • Manifolds

  • Throttle relocation

  • Throttle cable

  • Cross over pipe

  • and a basetune to suit

This gives on average 145-150hp non intercooled or 160-170hp intercooled at the wheels and excellent low to midrange torque and is very suited to a street driven MX5.

  •   Complete bolt on kit for:                                $4500

  •   Or installed and fully Dynotuned for:             $5200

  •   Installed, intercooled & Dynotuned for:         $6000

*Note pic shows custom Gilmore drive not included in this package.

MX5 Supercharger Kits